The Lifespan Lab

APA 2017

In the Lifespan lab at Emmanuel College our goal is to meaningfully contribute to scientific knowledge on how sex and gender impact social development across the lifespan by conducting quality theoretically-driven research.

In the lifespan lab we collaborate with colleagues at Boston Children’s Hospital/ Harvard Medical School, the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, and West Virginia University.

Current projects in the lab include:

The Adult Friendship Study
We are investigating how biological sex impacts friendships across the lifespan. We are currently recruiting adults aged 30 and older.

The Facebook Study
We are investigating how biological sex is associated with friendships on Facebook. We are currently recruiting male Facebook users aged between 18-25

If you are interested in participating in any of these projects, please contact the Lifespan Lab at


Eliana Kafantis
Lab Coordinator

Dr. Mehta, Megan Lambert, Vicky Aradillos and Eliana Kafantis at the Association for Women in Psychology conference, March 2017

Jenna Wilson

Research Assistant

Megan Lambert
Research Assistant

Sammy Camardo
Research Assistant

Vicky Aradillos
Research Assistant

Tori Rieger
Research Assistant

Sand J Butter
Research Assistant



The lifespan lab also hosts a reading group that reads and discusses research articles based around a series of themes. This semester, the lab will be reading articles on sex segregation and women’s sexuality.

If you are interested in learning more about, or joining the reading group, please email: or