Clare M MehtaClare M. Mehta, PhD is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Emmanuel College in Boston, MA, and a staff scientist at Boston Children’s Hospital.
She leads the Lifespan Lab at Emmanuel College.

Dr. Mehta’s research is guided by two complimentary theoretical perspectives: (1) a lifespan theoretical perspective, which contends that development occurs across the lifespan within a larger socio-historical context, and (2) a social-constructivist model of gender development that contends that gender-typed characteristics are best understood as created and maintained by the transaction of the individual and the immediate context (Deaux & Major, 1987). Dr. Mehta uses both quantitative and qualitative methodology to answer research questions.

Dr. Mehta’s research currently focuses on development during Established Adulthood, the period of the lifespan between ages 30-45.